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Welcome to the online demonstration of the OpenCrypt membership software! This online demonstration will guide you through every aspect of the OpenCrypt system including the registration form, user login interface and administration panel as well as features and facilities such as the in-built points system, affiliate system, shopping cart, helpdesk system and more.

To begin, please select a link from 'Demonstration Guide' -->

To aid your understanding and usage of the online demonstration we have included clear instructions and guidance, all the demonstration is presented in this web site template, the content shown on the white background on the left (such as this text) will be the software demonstration, any text in the grey column to the right is guidance and instructions for using the demonstration.

ExampleAny content that is presented in the style shown to the left is the default OpenCrypt output.

This is how the software is templated, it is not distributed within our web site header and footer as it is shown in the demonstration. Other elements of content in the grey tables are added for example, all these elements are entirely customisable as is the OpenCrypt templated output.

Customer Showcase and Testimonials

If you would like to see some of our customer's web sites which are using OpenCrypt and what our customers think of our services and software please check out our Customer Showcase and Testimonials.

Demonstration Guide

1. Registration Form

2. Login Interface

3. User Account Manager

4. Administration Panel

5. Shopping Cart and Shop

6. Helpdesk System

7. User Messaging

8. Affiliate System

9. Article Manager

10. Surveys/Input Forms

11. File Sharing

12. Picture Gallery

13. Advertising

14. FAQ

15. Dynamic Content Display

16. OpenCrypt Points System

Watch Online Tour

Please take a look at our online tour for a closer look at some of the more advanced features offered by the OpenCrypt membership software.

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